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  • klog — adj., t, e …   Dansk ordbog

  • klēg-, klōg-, klǝg-, klang-; kleg-; klōg-; kleig-; kleik- —     klēg , klōg , klǝg , klang ; kleg ; klōg ; kleig ; kleik     English meaning: to cry; to sound     Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schreien, klingen”     Note: various extensions of Schallwortes kel 6 “call, shout, cry”     Material: 1. Gk. κλαγγή f.… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • klug — klog …   Kölsch Dialekt Lexikon

  • Intelligent — Klog, klar, kløgtig …   Danske encyklopædi

  • Sage — Klog, artig …   Danske encyklopædi

  • klogskab — klog|skab sb., en …   Dansk ordbog

  • kløgtig — kløg|tig adj., t, e …   Dansk ordbog

  • Erfworld — Jetstone redirects here. For the 1960s animated sitcom, see The Jetsons. Erfworld Erfworld Logo Author(s) Rob Balder (writer), Xin Ye (Artist, current), and Jamie Noguchi (Artist, former) …   Wikipedia

  • Психофизика — I. Задача П.; II. законы Вебера и Фехнера; III. Психофизические методы; IV. Результаты опытов; V. Смысл психофизических законов; VI. Литература. I. Задача П. Сравнивая различные ощущения, мы замечаем, что они имеют: 1) разные качества, 2)… …   Энциклопедический словарь Ф.А. Брокгауза и И.А. Ефрона

  • Kobayashi Maru — is the name of a spaceship in a training exercise in the Star Trek fictional universe. In the exercise, the Kobayashi Maru is the precipitating element in a simulated no win scenario. The ship s name is occasionally used among Star Trek fans or… …   Wikipedia

  • Rice Krispies — (known as Rice Bubbles in Australia) is a brand of breakfast cereal that was created in 1927 by Kellogg s and released to the market in 1928. They are made of crisped rice, that is, rice grains which are cooked, dried and toasted. These kernels… …   Wikipedia

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